Stainless Steel Mini Smoker,
D2.5 " x H7"(D6.5 cm x H18cm)

Stainless Steel Mini Smoker, D2.5"xH7"(D6.5cm x H18cm)

Material: stainless steel.
Materials of Bellow: leather cowhide,plywood and stainless steel sheet.
Anti-rust aluminum nails on all edges of Bellow.
Bellow buckle.
High quality and reinforced big size spring in Bellow.
Inner metal Fuel Support.
Outer metal Wire Guard.
Durable and reinforced metal hinge between Lid and Barrel.
Diameter: 6.5 cm ( 2.5" ).
Height: 18 cm ( 7" ).
Stainless Steel Anti-Spark Smoker D4" x H11" (D10.1 cm x H28 cm) not included.